BioGem Express’ visit at Limeco Power-to-Gas plant

Frederik Gast and Marcel Hüberli of BioGem Express AG were recently invited by Swisspower Green Gas to a tour of the Limeco Power-to-Gas (PtG) plant  – a State-of-the-art technology – in Dietikon, Switzerland. The 2.5 MW electrolysis capacity allows the plant to produce 18GWh/year of synthetic renewable gas.

The location of the plant has its importance, being on the site of an existing waste incineration plant (WIP) for electricity and a wastewater treatment plant (WTP) for biogas which will feed the PtG process.

Two electrolyzers produce Hydrogen that is fed into a reactor with substrate and archaea (microorganisms). The biogas from the WTP contains about 35% CO2. In the reactor, the archaea feed on the H2 and the CO2 and then convert it into methane.

The result is a premium renewable gas that can be fed into the grid or liquified. The project combines technical with organizational innovation resulting in a strong pilot plant which demonstrates how viable this concept can be.

BioGem Express would like to thank @Thomas Peyer for the visit and recommends it to the whole renewable gas community.

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The team at BioGem Express wishes its clients, partners and friends a joyful holiday season and a prosperous 2024!

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