Biogenerated energy matter

With a full control over the biogas supply chain, BioGem Express (bGX) assists you towards a green energy transition by offering you tailor-made solutions to your business requirements in order to substitute your fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

The Gem which represents transparency, durability and quality is at the core of our business values. It also highlights the close and long-term business relationships we establish with our customers.

bGX serves the Swiss, German and other European markets with waste produced biogas and renewable fuels focusing on sales trading, services and consulting activities.

bGX is committed to help energy distributors/industrials to fight climate change with sustainable quality biogas and renewable fuels.

What is Biogas ?

Biogas is a mixture composed of approximately 55% methane (CH4) and 45% carbone dioxide (CO2).
It is produced through a process of organic material degradation  in the absence of oxygen,  called anaerobic digestion or methanization.

Produced from livestock manure, organic waste from industry and households, slaughterhouse waste, sewage sludge, as well as agriculture residues, biogas is a 100% renewable energy source.

In order to obtain biomethane, biogas has to be purified – mostly by removing the CO2 content – thus enabling it to have the same properties as natural gas and meeting grid operators’ specifications.

Biomethane usage
as a fuel for:

  • Heating
  • Industrial process
  • Mobility

Biogas in the
circular economy

A climate-positive solution to substitute natural gas

bGX has a long and rich expertise with markets and legal requirements of biogas. That’s why bGX is your trusted expert to help you substitute natural gas with waste produced biogas by choosing the suited quality products within its portfolio of production plants.

Since the beginning, bGX and partners take care of pre-desk audit, biomass process optimisation, setup qualification and required certifications of biogas plants.

Our chain of transparency goes from the substrates which are fed into the plants to the end deliveries to the clients.
Once biomethane has been fed into the network, guarantees of origins (GoOs) are created with options for mass balance delivery.

Our certified quality and environmental management systems ensure your delivery from the first order and thereafter. All documentation, including audits documents
and proof of sustainability are transferred from the producers to the customers.

Our services

bGX offers a multitude of services in the area of biogas and renewable fuels from non-food feedstock. bGX operates a portfolio of procurement of European biomethane GoOs in different countries such as Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK
as well as Switzerland. We make it a point of honour to
use only waste biogas from suppliers who fulfill
recognized standards.

bGX arranges physical deliveries through mass balance along with the delivery of the GoOs/certificates.

bGX assists biogas producers to acquire the best management through inventory and optimisation of the feedstock, reporting to the environmental agency and obtaining qualified certifications for premium quality biogas.

bGX advises its private and public clients on national and international standards, legal requirements together with required sustainability certificates. bGX supports your sustainable values.

bGX brings stakeholders together through roundtables, typically for the transportation sector (CNG/LBG) in an effort to exchange best practices for the promotion
of biogas.

Expertise in :

  • Biomethane registers
    (governmental or commercial)
  • Certifications schemes
  • CO2 reductions balance


bGX biogas products fulfill the criteria required by national legislations and market requirements such as EWärmeG, EEWärmeG, BEHG in Germany and VSG guidelines/OZD positive list in Switzerland.

Thanks to a large portfolio of waste biogas products, we can offer you solutions based on your specific needs or else help you to identify your requirement based on your targeted renewable energy strategy.

Guarantees of origin (GoOs) from biogas register’s country of origin

Independent audit (proof for countries requirements.)

Guarantees of origin (GoOs)

Pick up your biogas plants

Long-term supply from the biogas plants

CO2 balance calculation (RED2) and list of feedstock

Option: Additional physical mass-balance delivery possible

Marketing and communication opportunities

Guarantees of origin from a naturemade star certified plant

bGX naturemade star sublicence – Security through fully integration into the VUE licensing model

CO2 balance calculation (RED2) and list of feedstock

Marketing and communication opportunities

About bGX

Our international team of experts have various skills including engineering, auditing, logistics, market and product development, trading and sales operations with a strong know-how in the renewable sector. In partnership and cooperation with biogas producers, authorities and certifications bodies, as well as accredited auditors, bGX helps market participants to accelerate their green energy transitions targets.

Our core team:

Lutz Steinhöfel – CEO
Expert in energy transition, certifications schemes,
and legal requirements with extensive experience
in the renewable power/gas business.

Marcel Hüberli – Head of Sales
Experienced sales professional in
the biogas/certificates markets.

Vincent Crausaz – Business developer
Experienced Energy Trading Manager with analytical, business and project management background.

Thomas Scholz – Business developer
Experienced expert in energy markets, energy sales and trading European Energy Manager.

Kathlyn Saillen – Business developer
Experienced analyst with focus on mobility and European renewable energy policies. Background in project development and communication.

Frederik GastBusiness Developer
Over 15 years in BioMethane, as producer, developer and hardware vendor and active on the boards of national and international biogas associations.

Our goal

bGX is committed to help energy distributors/industrials
to fight climate change with sustainable quality biogas and
renewable fuels.

Our goal is to promote the adoption of biomethane and renewable fuels as well as speed up the shift to a circular economy. We want to help you lead the way towards a low carbon future.

Zurich 5 Coalition:
Biomethan for Europe

Biomethane for Europe is an initiative of the Zürich 5 Coalition, an alliance of leading business and academic institutions involved in the bio-CNG and LNG supply chains. Under the European Green Deal, the Coalition aims to support the EU in achieving its goals of reducing transport emissions and aims to stimulate a favourable regulatory framework for the uptake of biomethane. Current members of the Coalition are BioGem Express AG (Switzerland), GibGas (Germany) and OG Clean Fuels (The Netherlands). The current ambassadors of the Coalition are Nærenergi (Denmark) and Landwärme (Germany). 



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