Spain: Biogas Production Set to Soar to 20TWh in 2030

Spain recently announced that it will more than double its 2030 biogas production to reach 20 TWh/year as part of an upgrade of its energy and climate ambitions. In 2021, Spain produced 8,079 GWh of biogas, out of it only 250 GWh was biomethane according to the European Biogas Association (EBA).

EBA data shows that in 2021, Spain had around 250 active biogas plants with sewage-based plants being the most prevalent. Currently there are six operating biomethane facilities and 30 new facilities under construction, with even more projects in development, according to Enagás. These biomethane plants are expected to start operations before 2025.

In contrast to the national biogas target, the Spanish gas association Sedigas, in its recent report, estimated a significant higher potential of 163 TWh/year of biomethane supply which would cover 43% of the of the natural gas consumption in the country. This conclusion was reached by aggregating the potential production of the autonomous communities to estimate the CH4 reduction coming mainly from agro-food industry (36.5%) and livestock (35.2%), potential feedstocks that can be used for biomethane.

At present, the biomethane market in Spain is currently in its early stages showing progress through the implementation of diverse regulatory initiatives and the initiation of numerous projects. The nation’s biomethane sector holds promising prospects for future growth as Spain ranks fourth in Europe for untapped biomethane potential.

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