Swiss policy to introduce obligations on renewable gas

The Swiss Federal Council recently detailed the initial guidelines of the new Gas Supply Act (GasVG). The new Act is intended to establish clear rules for households and large customers by partially opening up the market and strengthening security of supply as well as promoting a shift towards renewable gases.

Priorities include requiring domestic biogas plants to connect to the grid as well as introducing an obligation for minimum quotas for gas from renewable sources to gas suppliers.

Many domestic gas suppliers have already incorporating local and European biogas in their portfolio for several years despite an unclear framework from the federal government on the role of renewable gas. Currently, local biogas injected into the grid amounts to less than 500GWh/year which is not enough to fulfil the Swiss Gas industry objectives for the incorporation of renewable gas – min. 30% of renewable gas to the heating segment by 2030 before reaching net zero in 2050. The promotion of domestic injection of biogas and the recognition of renewable gas import are key elements of a security of supply and a carbon neutrality.

The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) will now draft the corresponding bill and submit it to the Federal Council by the end of August 2024.

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