Agro Bioenergie Hardenberg – A perfect example of significant GHG emissions reduction

Last month, bioGem Express organised a visit with key Benelux biogas producers of the Agro Bioenergie Hardenberg facility located in Friesland. The biogas plant under ISCC certification has a capacity of 80 GWh/year of biomethane as well as close to 14GWh/year electricity and can currently accommodate 200’000 mt/year of biomass derived from manure and slurry, catering the energy needs of approximately 12’000 households.

Agro Bioenergie Hardenberg pushes innovation forward having installed van Iperen’s GreenSwitch® Nitrate technology. The process involves extracting ammonium from the liquid fraction of manure, then bacteria convert ammonium into liquid nitrate fertilizer which results in transforming nitrogen from manure into a transparent and crystalline form of fertilizer. The final product has a close to zero carbon footprint allowing farmers to reduce GHG emissions and balance the nitrogen cycle of livestock & farming.

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