Heat & Power Generation vs. Biomethane Conversion

Numerous biogas producers in Europe are exploring the option of upgrading biogas to biomethane instead of using it for heat & power generation thus bringing more renewable energy to the continent. In many European countries, biomethane has recently proven to be a more profitable business compared to the production of electricity and heat. To ensure efficient management, bGX has provided its customers with a blueprint of the process.

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Dutch Blending Obligation for green gas postponed

The Netherlands has recently postponed the start of its green gas blending obligation from January 2025 to January 2026 – Dutch gas distributors will


The team at BioGem Express wishes its clients, partners and friends a joyful holiday season and a prosperous 2024!

BioGem Express’ visit at Limeco Power-to-Gas plant

Frederik Gast and Marcel Hüberli of BioGem Express AG were recently invited by Swisspower Green Gas to a tour of the Limeco Power-to-Gas (PtG)