Foersom Bioenergi ApS on the ramp-up phase

In 2022, Swisspower Green Gas AG signed a long-term exclusive delivery contract with Biogem Express AG and its sister company Foersom Bioenergi ApS for an ambitious project.

In less than a year, a biogas plant has been constructed on Denmark’s west coast. This plant injected its first gas molecule last December and will soon start supplying Swiss municipal utilities with biomethane for a period of 5 years.

After the ramp-up phase, Foersom Bioenergi will reach a commercial production of around 400 Nm3 CH4/hour. The plant uses amine scrubbing technology to uprgade biogas to biomethame which ensures very high efficiency and low methane slippage.

Foersom Bioenergi ApS collaborates closely with local farms to maximize nutrient circulation, speed up the unloading and transportation of slurry to the plant, and minimize CO2 emissions. The site utilizes a fully digitalized system where incoming biomass is logged to track deliveries and accurately determine each farmer’s CO2 reduction for improved carbon footprint.

This kind of process is at the core of BioGem Express business to demonstrate the full chain of custody from the production to the end clients.

BioGem Express would like to express its sincere thanks to all the colleagues on site who made this possible.

Biomethane production soaring to new heights

In 2021 biomethane production increased to 37 TWh (3.5 bcm) from

Happy Holidays to you all from the team at bGX!

European biogas sector seizing the momentum

The European Biogas Association (EBA) hosted a gathering of key actors