Biomethane production soaring to new heights

In 2021 biomethane production increased to 37 TWh (3.5 bcm) from 5 TWh in 2011, a 7-fold increase over the past decade, according to data from the European Biogas Association (EBA). The share of biomethane produced from raw biogas anaerobic digestion grew from 7% to 18.9% in the same period, a trend likely to continue.

As of 2030 under the REPowerEU, Europe is targeting biomethane production at 35 bcm. Despite some discrepancies in the forecasted figures, multiple studies from the European Commission, EBA, Eurogas and Gas for Climate want to concur that Europe has the potential to reach this biomethane production target in 7 years from now.

In 2021, the transport sector consumed approximately 15% of the biomethane production (~5.55 TWh), according to the EBA – with estimation of around 1,898 Bio-CNG filling stations and 123 Bio-LNG filling stations operational throughout Europe. The Bio-LNG sector is projected to expand significantly, with confirmed 101 plants to be in operation by 2025 compared to 15 plants in 2021 reaching a combined production capacity of 12.4 TWh per year, able to fuel 29,000 LNG trucks. Yet, turning this into reality will require all available means in a short time.

Dutch Blending Obligation for green gas postponed

The Netherlands has recently postponed the start of its green gas blending obligation from January 2025 to January 2026 – Dutch gas distributors will


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BioGem Express’ visit at Limeco Power-to-Gas plant

Frederik Gast and Marcel Hüberli of BioGem Express AG were recently invited by Swisspower Green Gas to a tour of the Limeco Power-to-Gas (PtG)