European biogas sector seizing the momentum

The European Biogas Association (EBA) hosted a gathering of key actors from the biogas industry, including government officials, industry specialists and executives in Brussels. As a new member of the EBA, BioGem Express attended the conference, which attracted over 300 participants, for the first time.

The major focus was Europe’s REPowerEU and its objective of 35bcm biogas production by 2030. While the reach-out for biogas is urgent and has never been as strong, many challenges remain. Indeed, the biogas landscape is still fragmented in the EU, each Member State operating under its own domestic rules while various regulatory barriers render cross border trading difficult.

To provide support to the ambitious target, the European Commission with the EBA took the opportunity and did the technical launch of the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) at the conference, calling for stakeholders to join the different task forces which shall also provide groundwork for a future expansion towards 2050.

BioGem Express welcomes BIP and is convinced that a combined effort across the entire value chain is essential to ensure a circular approach and meet the EU target of 35bcm. As a member of the Zurich5 coalition @Biomethane for Europe, BioGem Express seeks to encourage a favourable regulatory framework for the adoption of biomethane and advocates for the uptake in the mobility sector.

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