CEGH GreenGas Trading Platform introduced in Austria

In Austria, the Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH) has launched a GreenGas Platform for green gases trading, such as biogas and hydrogen this April. The platform allows for the purchase and sale of biomethane and certificates of various qualities. CEGH which is a unit of OMV, is a joint venture between OMV, Wiener Börse AG (Vienna Stock Exchange) and the Slovak Eustream. The CEGH GreenGas Platform will be gradually expanded to other Central- and Eastern European countries with the aim to develop cross-border trading.

European Biogas Association (EBA) latest figures, show Austria in 2020 produced 1’487 GWh of biogas while biomethane injection into the grid below 150 GWh. Actual biomethane domestic supply is not documented. Austria has 423 operational plants in addition to 15 biomethane plants whereas 5 have an on-site Bio-CNG fueling station.

Austria’s “Renewables Expansion Act” (EAG) which was passed in July 2021 encourages the uptake of biomethane in the country. It defines the framework conditions for the expansion of green electricity over the next 10 years and is targeting domestic biogas production at 5 TWh by 2030.

A study on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) released the potential supply & demand of renewable gas in Austria. This study estimates that 20 TWh/year of biomethane from biogenic residues can be available by 2040.

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