COP26 – Biogas as a key component to answer the Global Methane Pledge

At the COP26 summit, more than 100 countries including the US and the EU-led effort have pledged to reduce methane emissions by 30% compared with 2020 levels. The Global Methane Pledge is an effective way to slow warming in the short term as methane (CH4) is the 2nd greenhouse gas linked to human activity (mainly from livestock farming, fossil fuels and waste). Although methane remains in the atmosphere for a shorter time than CO2, its warming effect is much greater (up to more than 80 times).

Biogas will attract attention as a key tool and a readily available technology to reduce methane emissions from key agriculture & industrial waste/residues. Indeed, the further development of biogas production will be an effective tool to reduce the use of fossil fuel consumption while simultaneously taking care of our waste management system, big emitters of methane.

BioGem Express AG has partnered with Swisspower Green Gas AG for the supply of Danish biogas

Starting in 2023 and for a duration of 5 years, BioGem

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