Biogas as part of the solution for difficult environmental problems

The basic needs for society to develop and thrive is food and energy. The last 150 years’ race to increase living standards, especially in the West, has left a wide range of consequences in its wake. The immense exploitation of fossil fuels used to propel society to where it is today is not without a negative global impact. It is a scientific fact and should not be disputed as it blurs the view of what matters now: finding solutions.

Biogas, particularly with the additional step of biomethane upgrading, can essentially become the pivot of a green future and circular economy. Societies will keep generating waste streams. No matter how efficient we become, organic excess resources will keep being generated.

In the future, the term waste will either have to be eliminated from the vocabulary when talking about production and consumption, or the meaning ought to be altered. There can be no traditional waste in a sustainable future. The path to get there is long, but we are all working on it.

The biogas technology encompasses the notion of zero waste beautifully. By converting what was once problematic or even purposeless organic streams from society into energy and organic fertilizers to be reused in agricultural food production, a circular nutrient loop arises with a side dish of energy.

And the good news is there is plenty of organic resources still to enter this loop. Moreover, the innovative nature of humans keeps inventing technologies that take society forward towards more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Every day BioGem Express, together with its partners, works hard to bring sustainable energy to as many informed consumers as possible.

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