Swiss utilities include or increase biogas share to their standard product

Recently, several Swiss gas utilities have announced the incorporation or the increase of 10% to 20% biogas in their standard product without increasing their cost but often lowering them due to low natural gas procurement prices. Customers can then benefit from an ecologically enhanced product at a same or lower cost, while some gas distributors offer them the option to individually increase the biogas share and opt for different qualities (naturemade star, basic quality, etc.) as well. With this step, Swiss gas distributors demonstrate that the natural gas grid also has a say in decarbonizing the heating sector. Switzerland has committed itself to halving its 1990 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

European biogas incorporation

The biogas included in these standard products mainly comes from European productions (Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, UK) as local production of biomethane (~300GWh/year) is not sufficient for the increasing needs of the Swiss utilities to substitute natural gas and lower GHG emissions. Indeed, the Swiss natural gas industry has targeted a 30% renewable gas incorporation in the heating sector by 2030.

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