The Danish model for biogas production

In Denmark, Biogas as an industry did not originate from an energy perspective. Danish biogas production emerged to take care of a manure utilization and distribution problem in the agricultural sector. The energy production was a secondary but highly welcomed opportunity to strengthen the business model. The synergistic relationship between the agricultural sector and biogas production has led Danish biogas production to primarily use biomass derived from agricultural production, food processing, industries, and organic waste from society. Danish produced biomethane is therefore considered an energy type ranked very high on the renewable energy scale, with great CO2 mitigating potential.

High-Quality Danish Upgraded biogas

Beautifully located in the middle of Jutland in Denmark lies Thorsø Biogas, a modern biogas producing facility, upholding the tightest of standards. Biogem Express AG and Biogas Express A/S have been working with Thorsø Environment and Biogas Plant over the past years in order to optimize the production of High-Quality upgraded biogas.

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