German bio-CNG exempted from the CO2 tax

Since the beginning of this year, bio-CNG has been exempted from the CO2 tax in Germany. This exemption applies to CNG from biomethane for a period of two years and, according to CNG Club e.V., it may last longer depending on the substrate used to produce biogas.

The German government is thus rewarding the significant CO2 savings of bio-CNG (up to 90%).

With the current price of 25.00 EUR/tonne for CO2 which will rise to 55.00 EUR/tonne by 2025, fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive. Bio-CNG drivers are clearly at an advantage.

“With the existing CNG engines we have the best technology ever. Cost-effective, consumer-friendly and above all environmentally friendly”, says CNG Club board member Birgit Maria Wöber.

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