Biogas from the Netherlands

Biogas from the Netherlands

Jan Dirk van Mourik has a compact biogas plant being built on his farm near Winsum, which will feed biogas upgraded to natural gas quality into the European gas grid as of February 2021.

The biogas plant, which is the ideal size for mid-size dairy farmers, complements Jan Dirk’s sustainable system without changing much on the farm.

In a nutshell: Jan Dirk’s 300 cows produce around 3 GWh of biogas per year.

Vacuum robots collect the slurry and pump it directly into the biogas plant. This translates into more comfort for the animals and less water consumption in the substrate.

The fermentation residues are spread exclusively on the company’s own pasture, just like the slurry before.

Biogas processing, including measurement, takes place in a compact container unit. The system was developed and supplied by Biogas Plus Systems ( The silo is concealed on site. Everything else is standardised and ready to be delivered

In conclusion:
Innovative concept, progressive farmer, short distances, perfect circular economy – BioGem Express AG is looking forward to the cooperation and the commissioning.

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