German’s Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) is boosting biomethane demand

Since 1st January 2021, Germany has introduced the Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG) where all fossil fuels suppliers (natural gas, gasoline, diesel, etc.) are levied a CO2 tax of 25€/ton. This tax will increase year by year before reaching 55€/ton of CO2 in 2025, while a range price of 55€-65/€ will still apply in 2026. Further beyond these certificates will start to be auctioned.

Demand for biomethane, which is exempted from this tax, is quickly rising from the energy suppliers, the industry as well as the public sector. After 2023, only sustainably produced biomethane will continue to be free of the national CO2 tax.

Currently, 1GWh of waste based biomethane can save up to 250 tonnes of CO2 (RED2 calculation).

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