Minimal change of name in the Danish legislation – An enormous symbolic value for biogas

On May 11, a perhaps inconspicuous change was passed in the gas supply Danish legislation. A simple name change means that the legislation that was previously called the “Natural Gas Supply Act” will be called the “Gas Supply Act” in the future, and every “natural gas” entry will be replaced by “gas”.

The change may seem minuscule. But, digging deeper, there is an enormous significance and recognition in this name change that stems from the transformation we are going through as a society and the fact that the gas supply is getting greener and greener every year.

In 2020, 16.9% of the gas supply was covered by biomethane, and by 2023 this share is expected to increase to 30%.

The name change says it all. In the future, we will not be talking about natural gas supply, but rather gas supply of sustainable biomethane.

BioGem Express AG and Biogas Express A/S follow the developments throughout, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to future developments.

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